Saturday, January 30, 2010

Specially dedicated for teachers and parents

This entry specially dedicated for all teachers and parents to share with all of you Khalifah Method. For all my UPSI juniors, this sharing is most appropriate for your first time entering the class. All the best on being practical teachers. May Allah ease everything.

Words of wisdom

Here I quote words from Late Prof. Dr. Muhammad al-Mahdi, founder of Khalifah Institute:

"I give you my guarantee that if you try these simple, easy to learn techniques you cannot fail to see positive changes in your children/students. This, for a successful beginning, is all you need do:

  1. Find several different ways each day to remind your child/students that they are Khalifah of Allah.

  2. Take the opportunity, a number of times each day, to give positive attention (warm praise) to your child/students for any good things they do or good characteristics they show.

  3. Set firm, reasonable rules for your child/students, make sure your child/students understands those rules, and enforce those rules consistently with “kind” discipline (this means without harshness). "


  1. muallimah >>> salam, kak, macammana nak belajar khalifah method. my students only have 248 muslims out of 1600.

    here is my response:

    Salam muallimah, glad to know your interest in Khalifah Method. Actually, Khalifah Method is applicable for Muslim and non-Muslim students. The important is how we're going to deal with students by using Khalifah Method.

    First, instil in yourself that your not just a teacher but represent as Khalifah of Allah. Ini motivasi terbesar dalam menunaikan amanah sebagai guru=)InsyaAllah kak akan share tips in implimenting Khalifah Method in classroom later tapi here are some sharing with you:

    1. See potentials in your students (walau kadang2 mereka ni dikelaskan dalam kelas belakang yang sederhana atau rendah tahap kognitif, but believe me, our students have their own potentials. Show up their potentials. It will motivate them and you too.

    2. Tak perlu jadi guru yang garang. Be firm but kind=)the best is, first time you enter the class, make sure you make your rules in your class. Be firm with the rules. InsyaAllah will discipline your students.

    3. Rewards are best given immediately after any response by a student that is considered to
    be good, and is more likely to see it happening more often in the future. Therefore
    teachers need to be constantly sensitive and observant, so that the students realize the acknowledgement that they deserve for their positive behaviour. In this
    way, students are guided to always act in a positive manner, and do not need to do
    negative things to get attention.

    4. Apa2pun, students are our 'amanah' to deliver knowledge to them. Recite surah al-Kahfi verse 10 so that may Allah ease our responsibility.

    Ada lagi nanti kak nak share with you. all the the best cause you deserve to get the best. Niyyat is important. kerana Allah. Keep moving muallimah. Stay keep in touch!

  2. Kak, it's really inspired me. Thanks. I'll try to implement khalifah method. actually, i got bad fever for 1 week in my new school. hardly to accept the new environment. students do not respect the teachers, and the chinese, indians have their own attitude. huhuhu. how can i manage all this things?