Monday, December 7, 2009

Keep moving...

Masaulkhoir buat sahabat-sahabat yang dikasihi fillah, anak-anak murid yang sentiasa di ingatan, each and everyone that browse this blog.. may Allah bless all of you.

My latest news, I am now being a teacher at Sekolah Menengah Dato' Ahmad Razali, Ampang, Selangor. New adventure and experience to be explored.. here I'm going..

Cuti sekolah sudah bermula, everybody expects me enjoying my school holidays.. Yes I am enjoying my holidays but not being at home..

Khalifah Institute, Ampang, Selangor has given responsibility for me to handle two camps (Young Khalifah Camp 11-13 Dec and Teens Khalifah Camp 18-20 Dec) as a assistant modulator and facilitator.

Yet, I admit, masa yang ada dirasakan terlalu tersepit dan terhimpit since my beloved cousin akan "Bertunang" at the day that I have to handle the programme; task that I will be delivering messages about the beauty of Islam to children. She seems upset with my absence.Really make me struck. Hoho. sigh..~

May Allah ease everything. I do this because Jihad for Ummah. I really hope my dear family members realize that I'm not alone belong to them, as my love in humanity field and my mission to contribute my energy to Islam.. I am belong to Ummah too. May Allah guides me in every steps that I take along my journey of life..


  1. Ala..x upset pun..jgn riso,ku rela kau pinjamkan dirimu untuk Allah n kerja2 Islam...

  2. Alhamdulillah. Thank you so much for your understanding. I've told Makngah to compulsory be on your nikah day.hope to be by yourside that moment.I'm off day to public for that meaningful day, InsyaAllah.No more tears ok. Be strong because Allah is always closer than the vein in our neck. All the best for mooting. It's apart of ur Jihad. May Allah ease your engagement day. Love you because of Allah. Taking care.